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   of wood fibers and plant-based

     reinforcement parts

  for the automotive industry

Who we are ?

Renfortech is an automotive supplier specialized in the design and manufacture of reinforcements parts from natural materials (wood and biomaterials).

What we do ?

For over 20 years, Renfortech has been analyzing your specifications and your technical issues for each car model to offer a tailored product which meets your requirements. Our reinforcement parts are ready to be covered if requested.

Compagny's evolution

The story begins in 1992 with the manufacture of the Citroën Xantia door panels by hardboard thermoforming. Formerly named Isoroy Transformation, Renfortech was at that time, a subsidiary of a group which specializes in wood panels manufacturing. Renfortech’s woodworking expertise is applied to meet the high-standards of the automotive technical requirements.

Since 1993, Renfortech enlarges its product range with the development of the cutting plane.

Since 2003, Renfortech continues to invest in the modernization and expansion of its production equipments (presses, CNC machining centers...) to gain productivity.

In September 2006, Renfortech becomes an independent company, owned by family and management shareholders.

Our customers

Our customers are among the biggest car manufacturers and suppliers.